Making LA River Revitalization a Reality

City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering

Preliminary Design Concepts

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering is currently reviewing three preliminary design concepts being considered for the full development of the Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project Site. View the concepts below.

Email the project team at to provide comments on the concepts. Within your email, please specify which concept your comment refers to (Island, Soft Edge, The Yards) or if your comment is a general project comment.

Please note that there are a series of additional projects that will address site use and development on portions of the G2 site over time with the Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project representing the full site build-out.


Island Preliminary Design Concept
Creates an island to separate river flows, mimic split flow channels, and provide multiple layers of riparian and upland habitat, consistent with the objectives of *ARBOR
Download the Island Preliminary Design Concept (PDF, 7MB) (Opens in a new window)

Soft Edge

Soft Edge Preliminary Design Concepts
Creates a soft-edged river on the east bank with a significant amount of new riparian and upland habitat consistent with the objectives of *ARBOR. The existing river channel would be modified to create a series of terraces
Download the Soft Edge Preliminary Design Concept (PDF, 7MB) (Opens in a new window)

The Yards

The Yards Preliminary Design Concepts
Maintains the river bank in its current configuration with the park developed east of the existing Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) power lines along the river bank, providing riparian and upland habitat.
Download the Yards Preliminary Design Concept (PDF, 7.5MB) (Opens in a new window)


  • *ARBOR: Area with Restoration Benefits and Opportunities for Revitalization as identified in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Project.