Making LA River Revitalization a Reality

City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering

Site Assessment & Remediation Process

Site Assessments are one component of the Remediation/Clean-Up process. A Site Assessment provides basic information for determining if there has been a release of hazardous material at a site, or if a naturally occurring hazardous material that presents a risk to human health or the environment may be present. A Site Assessment is conducted under the oversite of a regulatory agency to identify the type, amount and extent of contamination. The Remediation/Clean-Up process includes different components as displayed on the graphic. The final stage of the process is the clean-up phase which ensures that there are no risks to human health or the environment.

Review Site History and Previous Environmental Documents (Phase I Site Assessment)

  • Develop Sampling Work Plan
  • Develop Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan

Review and Approval of Plans by Regulatory Agency

Conduct Sampling and Analysis (Phase II Site Assessment)

Evaluate Data, Prepare Phase II Report

Evaluate Remedial Alternatives/Select Remedial Option(s)

Develop Response Plan

Conduct Remediation According to Approved Plan (Phase III)