Top Causes of Physical Activity and Mental Health Problems

What are some of the biggest health problems associated with stress? Here is a short sampling of some of the problems that can occur when stress piles up. Heart disease. Scientists have long suspected that, the more stressed-out, anxious type A personality tends to have a greater likelihood of developing heart disease and high blood pressure. Most people who do not realize they are stressed don’t understand why, exactly, they feel tramadol precisa de receita @

health problems

In America alone, heart disease claims the lives of nearly six million people every year.

What are some other health problems that can be caused by stress?

Among the top causes of premature deaths in the United States are: suicide attempts, unintentional deaths due to injury or trauma, liver disease, traffic accidents, homicides, accidental deaths due to intoxication, and drug/alcohol abuse/addictions. Mental health problems are also on the list. Depression ranks near the top for mental illnesses in America. Stress can also lead to such serious disorders as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and even risperidon.

One of the top health problems resulting from lack of physical activity is obesity.

Obesity is now among the leading causes of medical conditions, diseases, and deaths in America. The lack of physical activity contributes to the increase in obesity and overweight cases for adults. Another problem affecting Americans that can lead to increased weight is diabetes. Diabetes leads to higher blood sugar levels, which in turn contributes to excess fat accumulation in the body, leading to increased weight and decreased quality of life. Lastly, another leading cause of death in America, that is associated with physical inactivity, is heart beställa medicin .

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